Her Rules

Goddess Theodora does everything she can to make her rules clear, but I think they are so important that it bears expanding on them, adding a few humble observations of my own.

  1. she’s clearly a superior being. If you can’t see that yet, you probably shouldn’t even bother making any contact at all. Her clips and her most breathtaking introductory video on YouTube are one of the two best ways to realize what she is like. The other way is detailed in point 3.
  2. she’s to be addressed as Goddess Theodora by her subs, slaves, bitches and finsluts, as Theodora by everybody else and never by whatever nickname one might come up with. There’s a reason why she’s to be addressed as Goddess and not Mistress, Princess or what have you, and it’s eloquently explained in her website.
  3. her writing is crystal-clear and she has the deepest insights of anybody in this niche, so perusing her website and reading everything that’s written on there is not only useful, but extraordinarily instructive as well: you read her articles, you’re bound to learn something no matter your age, intelligence and years of experience. The best part is that her writing is suited to the uninitiated as well as the more experienced. She will teach you the jargon and its meaning in a super simple way, and that’s the hallmark of somebody who really knows what they’re talking about. Lastly, and this is invaluable, she will teach you a lot about yourself.
  4. the minimalist look to her clips is deceiving, leading you to judge a book by the cover and think there’s not much more than what meets the eye if you just look at the previews. If you want to be safe, for the love of all that is holy don’t dig deeper, stop at the appearance. I myself was stunned by the production quality of her clips, where she displays a perfect command of not only the viewer, but of herself, to the point where, in a clip like Work Like A Dog, the heel of her boots never once goes below the bottom line and disappears: several times it comes just a hair above the line, but never once below, not even the tip, and that is most impressive. This is a level of attention to detail that commands respect.
  5. she calls herself The Manipulatrix. There’s a reason, it’s not a marketing ploy. True, she’s a businesswoman (as she herself said), but at least part of her power comes from the fact that, while regular businessmen/women typically have to resort to gimmicks to paint their product better than it is, she does not. This is a thing I admire a lot: she’s always true to the words she says and writes, never once going to overboard making exaggerate claims like so many other Dommes (or wannabe Dommes) do in a desperate attempt to gain followers.
  6. point 3 was about her website, this is about her Twitter profile. Everything I said about the long form articles on her website holds true for Twitter, which makes her writing even more outstanding considering the intrinsic limitations of that platform. It’s more than worth it to read her tweets going as far back as possible, because her insight and wisdom has a way of trickling down to the lowly reader. Her commentary is always on point, her threads most interesting, and with her pictures and GIF previews interspersed, perusing her profile really is a wonderful treat. Plus, on the Moments section there’s a collection of many of her gems: links to interviews, links to posts on her website, not to mention sage advice.
  7. further expanding on point 5, she really is addictive. And you are looking at a danger you can’t even know the extent of. If Goddess Theodora says she’s dangerous and addictive, she’s speaking the truth. Actually, she uses words so simple that almost understate her wonderfully addictive, merciless and dangerous nature. If you’ve been dabbling in this niche for any amount of time you’ll quickly realize that this is the actual truth, if not go ahead and take a look around and read the claims many others are making, then compare them to Goddess Theodora: you’ll see that such a comparison is a pointless exercise.
  8. I don’t recall her ever saying “thank you”. It is her subjects who thank her, and this is not by chance and shouldn’t come as a surprise. She will often say “you’re welcome”, however, and she’s the only one I know who can afford to do that.

These are just a few, humble observations. I strongly recommend checking out her website and Twitter profile.

Love, @InAweOfTheodora.